Should I get the Oly 75mm?

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Re: Should I get the Oly 75mm?

Anders W wrote:

neil holmes wrote:

I know a pawn shop that has a Minolta 85 1.7 seems to be in good condition (gotta have a closer look...not sure if MC or MD) but it is $40

It's always possible to get lucky of course. The cheapest MC 85/1.7 I can find on ebay right now is USD 300 and the cheapest MD 85/2 sells for 330. Seems like a good idea to scoop up that 85/1.7 from the pawn shop even if you don't need it. If it's in decent shape you'll make a more than decent profit.

I told them that it was worth a fair bit more.

You were certainly right about that. But why didn't you just buy it instead?

I just don't need anymore lenses (a couple of more expensive ones I WANT though).

I went back today and had a look and bought it.

You would think for $40 it would be perfect....its not...there is one, 1ml x 1ml chip of paint off and maybe three tiny dust specs inside....both lens caps and I do not think the uv filter has EVER been off it.    Seriously I have got new lenses that are not in as good condition.

I do not think it will be close to the IQ of the Canon 85 1.2L, but still should be good...and  that lens is the best I have ever used for anything and is twice as big ...and best of all this has a 55mm filter thread and I have a 55mm Hoya RM90 infrared filter around here somewhere (that cost me $20 wiith a job lot of filters).

Now I just have to get that adapter.

I am not sure if many are SELLING at prices above $300 or so...I think they may sit there for a while...but when one is started at auction at a much lower price, the do seem to get into lower 3 figures.

I was watching this market for a while before buying my MD 85/2 and regrettably they do sell for prices in that neighborhood.

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