Are m4/3 cameras too expensive when you…

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First off, you get the kit lens which is pretty decent, then add the Oly 17, Sig 30 and Oly 40-150 and you have the entire range covered! That will leave around $500 for a body, more than enough except the top end.

Get refurbed body for $200 and add Oly 17, Sig 30 and Oly 45 and you're still under your $1000 limit.

The Pan 14 is still available off ebay for ~$150.

Those are my lenses, others want faster apertures, so get the Pan 20 and Oly 45 plus $200 body, most people will think you have the cat's meow of lenses.

There's also a $200 Sig 19.

If you are a "holy trinity" type of buyer (Oly 12, P/L 25 and Oly 45), you are still way under the Canon trinity in price.

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