FX Sensor Questions and Help

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FX Sensor Questions and Help

Hi guys, Im a 4/3 shooter and looking at upgrading my setup to a FX system or maybe a D7100 with good glass.

I enjoy shooting landscapes, wildlife, and holiday travel photos. I enjoy my current gear but the 12mp sensor is getting old and behind the competition, and doesn't give me alot of cropping when printing. Im also a new home owner with lots of empty walls for getting pictures printed.

These are the upgrade paths im looking at -

D600 + Kit 24-85VR  +  70-200 F4 ( I have good filters at 72mm already so can re use these for this kit lens.

D600 + Tamron 24-70 VC +  70-200 F4

D7100 + Sigma 17-50 + 70-200 F4

So here are some questions I need help clarifying

  • I read on the d7100 review that 24mp on a APS-C sensor is equivalent pixel density of around 50+ MP on Fullframe. Does this mean then a landscape photo that doesnt require much editing at low iso will be better on a D7100?
  • If viewing a large prints I'm guessing the higher pixel count would look better?
  • I have come across a few places that say to get best results, sharpness across the frame, that FF needs to stop down alot more. IS this always the case or more on the lenses. I guess for portraiture this isnt a issue, but for travel photos/landscapes, would I have to shoot around f8 all the time for optimum settings? This may offset the iso advantage by having to up the iso to get good shutter speeds.
  • Does having larger pixels mean the sensor can capture more details?

Any other info will help or links. Theres not much price difference  in these setups maybe $400 more for the d600, and the kit lens is about the same as the sigma 17-50


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