High ISOS : M4/3 < APS-C < FF ?

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Re: High ISOS : M4/3 < APS-C < FF ?

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Is this comparison even valid, is light even same for each of these photos. I get that iso is same but have they recieved same light.

Dpreview has stated before that it is not the same.

indeed. This is why concluding how the cameras compare at various isos could be misleading, isn't it.

PS: The new text editor of dpr is pain in A.

Apparently non consistent light levels, but similar exposure. They usually adjust shutter speed to achieve the correct brightness.

Thats why it is even more misleading because lots of people who are comparing it assumes that shutter would be same (same iso , same aperture). For me for same iso, and same apperture the one requiring the slowest shtter spead is the worst. Shutter spead matters because that is mostly the reason to bump iso.

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