Are m4/3 cameras too expensive when you…

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Re: Yes! But it depends...

MrScorpio wrote:

What professional work do you do? Portraits? Architecture? Other? Controlled light or natural light?

We specialse in musical events and stage photography and also do professional portraits for musicians and actors. I am using both, controlled and anural light depending on the situation and what I shoot.

Just curious since my wife is a Portrait Pro and would never dream of shooting with mft for that...

I can perfectly understand your wife. I had lots of thoughts and hesitation before doing the move but as i said, i am very happy about it. Of course, my considerations may be different from hers.

As also suggested by Miketala, ask your wife to have a look at what this guy is doing:

Damian is one of the leading fashion and portraits photographers and usen an OMD for most of his work.



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