I am quitting challenges! Fed up with everything!....

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Agree, but...


Agree, but I will not quit the challenges.

It is strange why DP cannot just at least comment the problems and show some plan for how to improve?

In my view many of the problems would be gone if the, in my view, idiotic voting system would be changed so every vote given would be more or less positive, thus making it impossible to punish good pics other than indirect...



l_objectif wrote:

For years, I have been participating in lots of challenges and had lots of fun! But with all the problems we have,  It’s not fun anymore and I am done with it!

This is a broken system that facilitates cheaters to eliminate opponents with low point votes; to get good scores for lousy entries with multiple IDs or family members or “friends” as if they didn’t know that entries should be anonymous; and, most of the hosts are not doing their job; and, DPR doesn’t seem to care about anything!

Yes, I do blame this situation mostly to DPR! They could save and improve challenges as they had promised long time ago; but they did nothing!...

I thank from the bottom of my heart all those who tried so hard to find cheaters and to denounce them in this forum. They did a splendid but very difficult and time consuming job without any gain.

So, cheaters continue cheating without being bothered by DPR, happy to give themselves thumbs up in the forums like kids; and, dishonest hosts not giving a s…t  about who is cheating (even supporting them!), as long as they have a big number of entries! They don’t even care about following their own rules and themes! Often, they don’t even have a clue about the themes they are choosing!...

I don’t find any fun and will not participate in any challenge unless this outdated system is fixed, cheaters banned and bad hosts removed. It is also ironic to see some hosts who have been cheating still hosting!

DPR is not anymore what it used to be and this is a sad reality!

Good luck to good and honest people,

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