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Re: Paper Differences - Lustre/Semi Gloss

Timein wrote:

Great explanation. I found your information very helpful. Thanks for taking the time. Steve

You are welcome, thanks for reading, Gus and Timein:

Paper nomenclature is really murky, varying with distance from the source. It is what should be a simple area, complicated by marketing, history, and region of origin.

You have Traditional fine art paper companies like Hahnemühle producing inkjet receptive papers, and grouped fine art paper companies running under the Canson-Infinity brand: Arches, Rives, and Canson. Arches and Rives are also part of the Anglo-French ArjoWiggins group, where the Arjo acronym comes from Arches, Johannot, Marais, and Rives. So you have differences in terminology from England, Germany, and France.

You also have different terminology from traditional photo paper makers; companies like Kodak and Ilford, with terms like E surface (lustre/satin/pearl) and F surface (gloss)

And given the origins of the stuff, it is hard to dismiss the influence of huge Japanese manufacturers like Mitsubishi, who make most of the metallic inkjet papers, and have their own line of fine art and photo papers under the Italianate name of Pictorico.

Then you have printer companies like Canon, Espon, and HP, who market and rename papers under their own brand and own names.

For example, St Cuthbert’s Mill, in Somerset, England, makes almost all the cotton inkjet papers with the words Velvet and Somerset in them: Epson Velvet Fine Art, Epson Somerset Velvet, Moab Somerset Enhanced Velvet, Moab Somerset Museum Rag, Moab Somerset Photo, and Canon Fine Art Enhanced Velvet. Exceptions might be Breathing Color Elegance Velvet Platinum and Pura Velvet – Breathing Color claim to make their own paper.

THe Wikipedia article on wet process photo papers is a good place to start for the differences between RC and baryta papers:

Brian A

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