With T4i discontinued should I still buy one if I can find one ?

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Re: With T4i discontinued should I still buy one if I can find one ?

So, it would be this question that made me come out of lurksville... (that and the fact that there's another thread with a D90 comparison while a D90 I've been loaning is currently sitting right next to me)

I used to work for Best Buy. They'd come up with the most bizarre explanations for things sometimes, just to avoid talking about marketing and inventory strategies. They're clearing up shelf space and selling their current inventory back to their supplier to make room for the T5i, because BestBuy is all about the new hotness. Those T4i's sitting in inventory will wind up on various sites (including Canon's own store) as refurbished models.

Another weird connection: I just (as in about 7 hours ago) ordered a refrubished T3i kit. I've been shopping for this thing for quite a while, and the T3i duked it out with a Nikon D5200 for a while. And, before I wind up digressing even further, I wound up pulling the trigger on it early because Canon has a sale on through May 4 where if you spend x you get y off. The refurbished T3i with the 18-55 IS II kit wound up costing me just a few hairs over $400. So, if you're trying to get something relatively modern on a tight budget, them's your apples.

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