Isn't it amazing......

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Re: Isn't it amazing......

Whalligeo wrote:

On the flip side, there have been one or two posters who say they will wait for a year or two before buying the D7100. This time travel thing is all getting a bit much. When I have the time, I still use my Voigtlander Bessa II.

I love buying obsolete gear at close out or even second hand if condition is good. Best bang for your buck, and all long term design and QC issues known, and some sorted. Of course repairs may be harder, but they're hard anyway and if you're saving half the cost of the camera up front who cares!? It also means you can buy a backup or two for the price you would have spent in the first place.

I'm one of the ones who'll wait a while (probably Christmas at least) to buy a D7100. I'm shooting an airshow this weekend weather allowing. And I'd love a D7100. I just love feeding, clothing and sheltering my family a whole lot more. So a pair of D90s will just have to do me.

Besides I too am an aging dinosaur. If I were camera gear I would have been obsolete in about '77.

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