should I upgraded to D700?

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Re: should I upgraded to D700?

three  days ago I sold my d5100 and kit, and bought a second hand D700.

Probably the best purchase i made in years...i 'haven't been that excited since i bought my first dslr in 2008 (D40). THe picture quality in just awesome. The Jpegs are so good straight our of the camera that i m'thinking  about saving a lot of time not shooting raw.

And the auto-focus is just a world of difference with my privious cameras...i had a faulthy d7000 and my d5100+kit was slow as hell  (and wouldn 't focus in dim light...). On the D700 it's fast and accurate, as simple as that (i'm not used to that AF-on button though).

To be totally fair, the only thing that botters me,  is that the old 2008 technology isn't as good as new models in terms of dynamic range. My my old D5100 i was able to recover blownups skies/shadows with such easiness. On my d700 i've seen some banding appearing after i pushed exposition a little bit. On the other side this "negative point", made me think more before taking the shot, I got a bit lazy with my d5100 knowing that i can easily recover situations with PS and LR.

GO for it !!!

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