Why m4/3rds is declining in the US.

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Is m4/3rds really declining in the US? Why?

Richard wrote:

I have been thinking it over. After seeing rattymouse post some figures how m4/3rds was declining in the US and how DSLRs crushed m4/3rds, I contemplated why. I came up with a good answer.

Those figures didn’t actually show a trend, Richard. The really interesting thing, I thought, is that they appeared to showed how m43rds saps DSLRs and vice versa. Certainly, that was the case in the four quarters of 2012.

2013 figures will be very interesting given that both were down in the first quarter, with m43 down disproportionately more.

For a Canon t4i body price on B&H is $650
For the Oly OMD it is $950

Weight Canon 1.2 lbs
Oly just under 1lbs (15oz)

Standard lens Canon 50 1.4   $400 on sale right now $310  10 OZ

Zuiko 45 1.8  $400 on sale right now $350   4 OZ

A savings of $340 and 9 OZ more weight, neither fit in your pocket.

That's a fine comparison. Probably the term "DSLR" is misleading here -- we should differentiate between the small DSLRs -- the APS-C cams -- the the FFs.

In addition, since you are looking at he bottom of the DSLR range, you should be looking at the bottom of the m43 range -- not at the second from top model. I would suggest that in terms of weight, price, and matching capability, the Panasonic G cams would be a better bet (I'm fixing on them because they offer eye level viewing and built-in flash to match those features of the Canon.

I;m taking B&H prices BEFORE discounts. Right now, with the G6 looming, the G5 is being offered at great discounts.

Then you get:

Canon t4i

Body - 20.2 oz (575 gms)

18-55 standard zoom - 7.1 oz (200 gms)

Total weight: 27.3 oz (775 gms)

133 x 100 x 79 mm

Price:  Body: $799.99; with 18-55 zoom: $899.99

Panasonic G5

Body - 13.8 oz (390 gms)

14-42 standard zoom - 5.9 oz (165 gms), or get the X kit zoom, 3.4 oz (95 gms)!!!

Total weight: 19.7 oz (555 gms); with X kit zoom, 17.1 oz (485 gms)

122 x 85 x 71 mm

price: Body: $598.00; with 14-42 zoom: $698.00


IN FACT -- for competing models, the Canon weighs 40% more and costs nearly 30% more (a HUGE 60% more if the Panny is fitted with the X lens). Huge savings in BOTH departments!

m43 offers a much better deal for consumers. And if we want to compare with FF, then the margin takes on Grand Cayon proportions in m43's favor.

Further, the smaller physical dimensions of the G5 make it just pocketable in my outdoors jacket or fishing jerkin -- while the Canon would not fit. The weight is also a factor here -- the Canon would be far too heavy for a pocket.

With the somewhat more expensive X lens, the g5 is eminently pocketable AND

For the average use the Canon is the better deal. Sure a niche market person may pay extra for the oly but not the masses. This is not to say the masses are the smartest consumers but I know the canon works well enough for the average user.

How many people buy a 70-200 2.8? Many only purchase the kit lens. Both can take great photographs on vacation, of the kids just about anything accept pro level stuff.

But as you say, m43 is not (yet) for the masses -- at least, not the more serious cameras of this ilk. It is still a niche purchase although the niche could be getting bigger. We will see if and by how much the 2013 Q1 figures are reversed.

What I am really glad about, Richard, is to see a DSLR protagonist who acknowledges that DSLR figures rely on a mass market -- people who simply want a "better camera" than the P&S they have been using, but who will stick with the stock zoom (why did you cite those non-standard lenses as standard lenses in your original post?) and by definition will never extend the camera to anything near its limits.

As you say, most DSLR users are essentially snapshooters who don't need a DSLR.

Cheers, geoff

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