Why Win8 will succeed. Or fail.

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I find text editing with a touchscreen very frustrating because of the need to do a two- or three-step each time you want to select text - a mouse is far, far easier to use for purposes like this.

BTW text selection with the 'touchpad' is a breeze compared to using a touchscreen (like the text selection + delete needed to make this post).

The problem I've had with a touch screen is that you don't have the same accuracy as you do with a mouse.   So you have to touch as close as you can to the text, then fiddle with the selection handles to get the exact text you want - that's what I mean by needing to do a "two- or three-step".

I've personally found touchpads (like the ones on my various laptops) to be sufficiently accurate for 99% of my daily applications such as selecting text with little to no problem or added effort.  Touch screens, on the other hand, I have had a similar experience to you, though at least part of the problem there was the only touchscreens I've used are my tiny phone and iPod.

I find touchpads to be a bit fiddly, but usable.   Plopping your finger down on the touchpad gives you a coarse selection, and then you can refine it by small motions or by "rolling" your finger around.

The problem with a touch screen is that the act of touching the screen hides the very text you're trying to select, so there's no way to see if you've selected what you want nor any ability to refine it if necessary.   You need to remove your finger from the screen to see what's been selected, and then refine it with the handles.   Very annoying, IMHO.

Again, this seems to be to be a very clear difference between what's good for the content consumer (touch screen so you can easily touch things like links without needing external gadgets like mice) vs. what's good for the volume creator of content (mouse for accurate selection and ease of editing).

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