High ISOS : M4/3 < APS-C < FF ?

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Re: High ISOS : M4/3 < APS-C < FF ?

Sergey Borachev wrote:

Read what I said. You want to trust the photos taken by one person (who you think is biased) as proof, when there are so many scientific tests and also thousands of sample images taken by independent reviewers and users of the cameras?

Whatever I can show is not going to convince you.  or can prove anything any better.  Look at the facts and the tests, experts opinions and what most people want to do, take photos in sunlight as well as cloudy days.

Haven't you seen shots of people under a shade on a bright sunny day?

I saw the tests and photos from different cameras. Don't see a huge difference in them at all and only in certain conditions. But you making it look like difference is clear as day and night. Also telling that IQ is finally adequate in last sensors, so it means that before it was not enough for your needs? That's what i want to see, an example of a photo where older GH2 sensor would be not enough for you. Not for someone else, but for you

Or is it based only on test numbers, not actual photos?

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