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Well, here is my view to your questions!

Hi there

Embarrassing?? Not at all. Pls see my input below. Most interesting discussion btw...

tron555 wrote:

MrScorpio… I have three questions for you.

  1. What is the difference in price between the 6D Canon and 2 lenses from 14-150mm and the E-PL5 and its 2 lenses from 14-150mm?

Your underlying critique is correct in the case you state here, I agree. But if one wants really good IQ from a system with lots of primes, the 6D paired with Canons non L primes has made it affordable, in many cases even more affordable than the mft system.

  1. What is the difference in weight between the 6D/2 and 2 lenses from 14-150mm and the E-PL5 and its 2 lenses from 14-150mm?

Well let me give you another example for Ultimate IQ if now considering weight. 6D + the very good 40/2.8 = 885gram (1716 usd), OMD + Panasonic 25/1.4 = 625 gram (1418 usd). Prices from

But this is where you missed my point. I said that the Canon FF will be heavier, which is the price you have to pay for ultimate IQ. But as you see above the difference does not have to be that big in weight and price to get access to the FF shooting, should you want that.

  1. What is the difference between total IQ between the 6D and the E-PL5 percentage wise?

Now thats a strange question to me at least... Which conditions? What subject? What glass? What shooting style?

Sometimes I can use my OMD over my 6D to get that nice dark grainy b/w look in my pictures, Which is harder with the 6D.

600 mm with my FF? Nope, I cannot spend that money and weight for that. The OMD is unbeatable with the 75-300 in this aspect.

Super shallow DOF, shooting RAW when conditions require high ISO due to weak light. Of course my 6D with the 85/1.2.

If you ask me about the average IQ. Well in pure IQ shooting RAW. 6D hands down. JPEG not much of a difference as long as you dont need very shallow DOF, but even then there are ways around that with the OMD (separate the background from the subject and attach the 75/1.8.

I know you will not and cannot answer these questions, because it would be embarrassing to do so, but I will ask you anyway.

Why should a technical discussion be embarrassing? Dont worry, I am too old to get easily embarrassed anymore (45). Its a very interesting discussion, at least to me.

Is the difference in price, weight, portability and ease of use really worth it in your opinion? Think about it!

Well thats harder. If possible money wise, I think the two systems are excellent complements to each other. But if only one system??? I dont know... Its like choosing between a deep porcelain plate or a flat plastic plate for your dinner tonight. It depends on what you are going to eat...

But as for me... Arrrrgh, I really dont know, but probably the 6d at the end. Or maybe the OMD... I cannot stand the thought to give up neither of them.

Who wants to invite your Mother in Law for dinner, serving her soup on a pice of flat plastic plate with a fork? That requires a nice deep porcelain plate with a spoon! And believe me, that is really worth the extra spending in money and weight...

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