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Re: [nx300] Continuous shooting high - Please Samsung fix this

Knallberto wrote:

I think this isn't true.

For NX1000: slow 3fps, fast 8fps (user manual)

for NX300: slow 5fps, fast 8.6fps (user manual)

in fast mode my NX1000 makes 11 photos in a row, then saving to SD

in fast mode my NX300 makes 14 photos in a row, then saving to SD.

it can be heard clearly that the NX300 is faster

NX300 uses compressed RAW, NX1000 writes uncompressed RAW.  It takes processing time to compress RAW and write to card.  So the NX300 is definitely faster shot to shot, but the time to compress RAW files means it is slower than the NX20 in terms of write speed.

My RAW data rate is only about 10-12 MB/s to the card with the NX300 and with the same card was about 16 or 17 MB/s with the NX20.  The file size is smaller, so the actual number of RAW files is about the same.  The writing at ISO 3200 takes longer than writing an ISO 100 shot, but overall shot rate is about the same.  This to me indicates it isn't the IO speed that is the issue here, rather the buffer fills and it probably needs that room to compress the RAW files or something.

However, since the NX300 doesn't lock up the interface or anything it is overall faster than the earlier NX cameras, I can get one RAW shot a second or so on continuous mode, where the NX20 was maybe 1 every 1.5 seconds.  I.e. I no longer feel the need to advertise to people, hey, this thing is really slow.  I think the only thing it needs now is a larger buffer for RAW files.  Still, it isn't bad given the class of the camera, but if they bring another high end model they should double or triple the buffer size and I think it would fix the issues with RAW performance for all but the most demanding shooters.

As you say, for JPEG performance there is no issue, it goes for a long time before the buffer fills if you set the JPEG mode down to normal, and you can still shoot a couple shots per second indefinitely.


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