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Re: Camera-->sRGB versus Camera-->ProPhoto-->sRGB

Jack Hogan wrote:

I have a V4 profile for sRGB but not ProPhotoRGB.  Is there a problem to mix and match?

I'm pretty sure they both should be v4 in order to make use of the perceptual Profile Connection Space. Here are v4 variations on RIMM RGB (ProPhoto's linear cousin).

Some implementation details can be extracted from this:

I haven't really studied this v4 stuff, so I hope I'm not steering you wrong..

Yet another approach was discussed a couple years ago on LuLa by "jc" who developed a method using a profile for an intermediate-sized color space, also having a perceptual table. It seemed to work as advertised. The thread is a little hard to follow, but clarifies a few pages in.

Very interesting thread.  Is it worthwhile to go through the double conversion process?  Is anybody using his 'perfect' color space?

I haven't seen anything about it since that thread ended 2 years ago, nor have I used it since testing it back then, only because I seldom need to do those kinds problematic conversions. When I tested it, it did work and preserved hues well. We can try it on golliwop's flower and see how it does.


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