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Re: more high speed sport, toward camera, SAF mode

Dheorl wrote:

69chevy wrote:

Brian Wadie wrote:

SAF with EM-5, 75-300 hand-held, 4fps from the beach, no pre-focus, just letting the camera get on with the job. The boats are coming toward me at greater than 50mph. Shooting toward the sun with up to +2ev dialled in. Success rate for focus in over 1000 shots was >90% (compositionally an awful lot less, but that was down to the photographer   )

Your DOF at f6-f8 is like a FF DSLR at f12-f16.

The DOF is so big you almost can't miss focus.

You say that, but judging by the focal length, the size of the people in the shots etc I'm guessing at the distance he was shooting and the apeture he had DoF was only a couple of meters.

If the boats were travelling at 50mph as he says that means they'd pass through this range in about 1/10th of a second.

Come on, we can leave those comment aside since serious MFT users has our own reasons to use MFT system. High speed sport photographing is not our only reason to use a camera! In fact it has been fully demonstrate by OP and others that MFT is not miles behind anymore.

The lack of Dof means MFT can't up to standard are 100% XXX? It is known that MFT's Dof are longer than larger sensor camera on similar focal length.  A photo with not good background isolation (IMO just personal taste!) can't prove that MFT cannot do something.  Or may be not all of us have that 35-100 f/2.8 on hand to take shallow Dof sport photo at that time? Indeed DSLR user may simply say MFT lacks of very fast Tele lens would be more appropriate! Those shallow Dof sport photos from DSLR here just demonstrates that they can do the job well.  Yes, no MFT user ever deny that.

IMHO a lot of criticism come from those who never want to realise how far CDAF has been improved since it was created.  MFT may still has its weakness in terms of AF Tracking, but instead of a toy it should now be regarded as one of the serious system.

IMO I suppose that it is just when some people who has their advantage at the beginning (PDAF is inherited from SLR) and afraid the gap is closing up (improvment in MFT's CDAF), they will panic..... If one day MFT has AF Tracking power on PAR with DSLRs, than what else will leave for people to stick on using such bulky system?? Just like the era of twin lens camera migrated to slr and surely history will repeat itself.

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