Intervalometer BS from Canon- may switch to a value added brand!!!

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Re: Intervalometer BS from Canon- may switch to a value added brand!!!

EOS Utility is the reason why it's not built-in.


summitphotographer wrote:

So...we have a hummingbird nest on our back porch with 2 eggs and a faithful mom, we are trying our best to not disturb her, I've been able to setup my tripod in a way she tolerates, but my 5D, 10D, and LX5 all lack a built in intervalometer.  I dug through an old drawer and found our Powershot S40, charged up the batt, and checked the menu, it has a built-in intervalometer which allows for 1-100 shots from 1 min to 60min apart.  wtf Canon, why does my 11 year old digicam have this feature and my $7K worth of later bodys do not?  There's no excuse for this, there's no reason to force people to buy the f#*king electronic shtter release, especially now that Nikon, Pany, and Sony have the intervalometer built in like the ole S40.

I'd like to post some 5D 100 2.8 Macro photos of the little nest, but instead I'll post some S40 intervalometer pics.

To be fair I'm going to post something similar in the Pany forum because my LX5 lacks this feature also, wheras the LX7 includes it- also BS.

If I don't see some firmware updates for the 5D and later bodies that include the intervalometer, I'm gone and gonna pawn my Canon S#!t for somthing more reasonably supported.  Behind on sensor tech, behind on priceing models, that may be new, but screwing your customers out of basic features not so new.

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