GH3 - Who says that m43 is not good for sports !!!

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Re: GH3 - Who says that m43 is not good for sports !!!

69chevy wrote:

Dheorl wrote:

69chevy wrote:

This is through a chain link fence, with a 5 year old DSLR. Show me a mirrorless shot anywhere close to having this much background seperation that is this sharp, through a fence and 90 feet away.

You are arguing that you can hunt bears with a bb gun. Although you technically could, you wouldn't be wise (or successful).

Any of the ones I posted here the type of thing you mean? (I would post the photos in this thread but dpr/my connection isn't letting me).

No they weren't shot though a fence but I don't ever see that being more than a very rare occurance with me shooting sports. I also suspect a fair few DSLRs would probably fail shooting through a fence and I know for sure I'd much rather use my GH2 for sports than something like a 1000D.

Only the ones where you were close enough to the players to get a shallow DOF. Anything far away from your camera has a huge DOF.

So shots where I'm shooting at 100mm (200mm equiv.) and have people who don't fill the height of a horizontal frame is considered close? (all these photos have also been cropped) How far away are you expecting sport to happen? I'm planning on shooting the sport infront of me that I'm watching, not one that's happening on the other side of town.

Look at the third or last picture. Neither are particulary close but both have pretty good seperation.

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