GH3 - Who says that m43 is not good for sports !!!

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Re: GH3 - Who says that m43 is not good for sports !!!

Brian Wadie wrote:

"and try to keep the subject properly in the viewfinder because it is moving quickly relative to the camera, that is when the photographer finds out how well his (or her) camera can or cannot shoot sports."

keeping a fast moving subject in the view-finder is of course nothing what ever to do with the camera AF system and everything to do with the photographer's competence.

Of course it has to do with the photographer's competence (and sometimes luck, to a degree) but when the view in the viewfinder is changing rapidly i.e. when the photographer has to pan to keep the image composed, there's no substitute for an OVF and PD.

Even the best system in the world can't make up for the incompetence of the photographer, likewise a competent photographer who knows their sport can get remarkable results from the most basic systems

Both true, but all else being equal, are you saying the equipment makes no difference? I'm sure you're not saying that.

Too much emphasis is place on gear and not enough on skill (in my opinion only - course   )

If the gear lets you down then skill won't get the photo. And, if I were hung up on gear I'd have a lot more than $1200 invested in my camera and lenses.

final thought - yet again, everyone accepts that PDAF DSLRs are easier to use for this purpose than CDAF mirrorless

Half the people who posted in this thread don't seem to feel that way.

but that does not remove the fact that many people are demonstrating their ability to get good sports results from the GH3 and EM-5

I'm sure they do sometimes.

Sometimes I feel that the DSLR aficionados (of which I am one) try to make their case to strongly, hinting at other concerns maybe? 

Not at all. It's just that I know why a DSLR works significantly better for some things. Those who say an EVF is just as good and have a gallery (if they have one here) full of flowers and fairly static subjects might not be able to appreciate the difference, and for that reason they are sure that what they have ought to be good enough for anyone's shooting.

I sometimes post in these threads when I see them in the 'top threads' area, but I've never started a thread on 'My kind of camera is good enough for (whatever) so it must be good enough for everyone else too'. I'm not out trying to say that my kind of camera is going to 'kill' anyone else's kind of camera, or that others are being made obsolete by mine, or any of that. I appreciate that there are some cameras which are better than others for different kinds of users and different kinds of shooting, and I'm not trying to prove that mine is better and someone else's is old / obsolete / dying / not really any better / etc. as we see in so many threads. But I do respond sometimes, why not....

Nice to see this topic staying civil at any rate.

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It's nice to say that nice pictures are nice.

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