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Re: Paper Differences - Lustre/Semi Gloss

camerashy wrote:

Could someone please help me with some paper types.

I know what High Gloss and Gloss papers look like but is Lustre like a Semi Gloss or partially shiny surface and what type of prints would look best on Lustre.

They are not well defined terms, one paper company's lustre could be another's semi gloss. They are usually gloss papers with some micro stipple to make them less glossy. In order of glossiness, probably something like:


They are all RC papers (resin coated = plastic coated), and therefore use photo black.

What images work with them depends on you, your sensibilities, and your image. In short: anything you want.

With matte papers are these the Fine Art grades like Canson Platine

Canson Platine Fibre is a baryta coated cotton rag. If it were an RC paper, it would be called lustre/pearl/satin. It uses photo black too, because of the surface.

or Innova Smooth Cotton.

Innova Smooth cotton is smoth cotton rag. It is perfectly matte. It would use MK.

and would a Baryta paper be a Gloss??

Baryta papers aren't really fine art papers, although some paper companies like placing them in that category. A baryta paper can be anything from the full soft gloss of Harman Gloss Baryta and Gloss Baryta Warmtone, to the lustre like surfaces of Museo Silver Rag, Canson Baryta Photographique, Epson Exhibition Fibre (Epson Trad Photo Paper in Eurpoe), and Hahnemuhle Fine Art Baryta. They use gloss ink (ie photo black), and are sometimes put in a 'gloss' category because of this.

In general they fall into the category, of what was known in the darkroom as fibre papers.

Why don't you buy some sample packs and see for yourself:

Brian A

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