Panasonic Lumix G6, I am in love with this camera.

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Re: Panasonic Lumix G6, I am in love with this camera.

Hen3ry wrote:

Is the G5/6 actually bigger in all dimensions than the GF1 and GX1? I've measured up my E-PL3 with the VF2 in place which is how I use it and the G5/6 actually is a little smaller in length and height. Yes, the grip makes the G5/6 deeper, but when you add the lens, any lens, there is essentially no difference.

The G5/6 looks bigger because of the chunky design and the grip, but in ready to shoot condition it is not bigger.

And that's how I like my cameras -- ready to shoot!

So there are practical aspects to this kind and design of camera.  Would I buy one as part of a two camera system? Possibly.  I am not sure I need or can afford the GH3's video capacity.

The GH3 is, of course, larger -- although not nearly as big as the chicken littles among us would have it. I wouldn’t buy it, though, it is just that big bigger than I want.

GX1 compared to G6:,455

G6 compared to GH3:,381

GX1 compared to GH3:,381

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