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Yes! But it depends...

I have dual systems. OMD and 6D (Canon).

In MY opinion the systems are very different. The OMD does not stand a chance against the 6D in terms of IQ when shooting RAW. The 6D does not stand a chance against portability, IF you want to travel and bring a lot of gear, or put the cam in your pocket.

I also find that the 6D actually can also be a cheaper alternative, since Canon has some very good lenses at very low prices, like 40/2.8, 50,1.8 etc. and if you go up one step in prices there is a wide range of really excellent glass at still very affordable prices.

Based on my experiences I would go for the 6D if I had to choose only one system, since the mft is a compromise between IQ and portability (when shooting RAW), and the Canon FF can be really cheap if you want lots of glass. The OMD body does not give me any disadvantage except for DOF limitations if I shoot JPEG, which I rarely do.  On the other hand, if you want to shoot 600 mm (eq) the Canon glass is Stratospherically expensive, so at the end you must analyze your needs and come to a conclusion.

Having said this, I still firmly believe that a few good books about lighting, general knowledge and composition is the best and cheapest way of taking radically better pictures from just one week to another. The often bashed upon Ken Rockwell has IMO some very excellent articles on his site, that can improve ones pictures radically if read, considered and understood...

well, that was my 2 cents...

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