Do all small-sensor cameras produce mucky RAW images?

Started Apr 30, 2013 | Discussions thread
Tony Sx Senior Member • Posts: 2,155
So do they produce mucky jpegs as well?

RichRMA wrote:

Perhaps it's inherent, but even at 100 ISO (see:  latest Fuji review) there is noticeable smudging going on with all the small sensor cameras that do RAW.  I'm wondering if this is normal, or if the manufacturers are using some kind of in-camera NR on the RAW images just like the JPEG's?

The best place to see this effect is in shots with a lot of fine detail, like tree branches in a landscape shot.  You'll see random patches of blurred-out detail.

I don't think so. My "small sensor" camera doesn't smudge either jpegs or raw images. All nice and crisp and clear. Use your own camera - take your raw shots and if you're unhappy......

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