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Re: it'll be expensive only if you want

enrique santa wrote:

You dont need to buy an epl5. A scond or third generation cam from pana oly could be yours from 150 eur to 350 with kit lens.
And for lenses you have plenty of vintage lens really inexpensive and ofers in ebay of native m 4/3 lens.
I'm sure you can buy an epl2 with kit lens plus an 40 150 for about 450 eur.
In this forum there are a lot of people crazy for gear and more worried in test their gear than in made photos. Please forgive them you will be more happy shooting than reading this kind of things.

No way, the sudden leap in quality and convenience from say the E-P3 generation or earlier to the E-PL5 makes the E-PL5 a standout camera.

I have E-PL1, E-P3 and E-PL5, the earlier ones are not exactly mistakes but the E-PL5 is the only thing I use now.

Make the right purchase now and you can relax for a few more years without adding stuff that might not get used much. Add the FL-300R flash along the way is my only suggestion.

Regards..... Guy

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