No more SLT!

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Re: Unfair!

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

Midwest wrote:

Yes, it's true DSLR's "live view" is much slower focusing than on some mirrorless cameras. I won't dispute that. But the reason for the DSLR - the optical TTL viewfinder and fast autofocus and tracking are the reason it exists. My DSLR's live view is definitely slow, especially in bad light - but I haven't used it to take 1% of my photos. I only use it when I use the articulated screen to get a shot from a difficult angle, otherwise I would have no desire to use live view at all.

Because they suck compared to EVF based systems.

No, because live view and EVF both suck for much or most of my preferred shooting.

I'll keep my TTL OVF and phase detect AF, and you can keep your EVF/LCD, and we'll both be happy.

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