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True, the live view on DSLR's isn't as fast-focusing as it is on some (most?) mirrorless cameras. But that's an add-on to the camera. The DSLR is about an optical through the lens viewfinder and the focus performance attained in that mode of use. Would it be nice to have faster live view on a DSLR? Sure, why not? But slow live view is only a minor point with me; I would buy a DSLR even if none of them came with Live View.

More people won't.

If AF performance isn't important for you, then you may be fine with a DSLR-like Live View system. With technological advancements, we're experiencing more convenient ways to capture images, and Live View performance is becoming an integral part of it.

AF performance is very important to me. Live view as a means of composing and shooting, is not. Therefore if live view does not have fast AF (and it doesn't) on my dslr, it makes no difference to me.

The relatively simple, undemanding kinds of shots I use live view for don't require fast AF. It would be nice if it was faster but I bought my camera in part because I wanted to be able to shoot action and that has nothing to do with Live View.

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