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Re: Shoes

Hen3ry wrote:

deuler wrote:

My partner doesn't usually ask for photography help, but this weekend she needed to take some pictures of shoes. 'Espardrilles' as they are called here in Catalunya. We decided to take a 'lifestyle' image which shows a young couple wearing them and then a detail shot of the shoes themselves. The images were taken using an OMD with the 25mm pana/leica with a variable ND on so i could control the depth of field better. We also employed a speedlight tucked up in a portable softbox with a grid added for more precision. I was happy with what we were able to achieve on very grey/rainy day although if i could reshoot, i'd have used a smaller aperture as the DOF wasn't large enough for the 'lifestyle' picture, the shoes weren't in focus properly -but the image is for mood as opposed to product (cough cough).

Ho, ho, ho ,ho! But let's not cough to loudly in sight of the client! 

Nice bit of self-criticism there. I found the little bit of blue toenail in the second pic distracting given that the focus should be on the product. I also wondered about the naturalistic look of the leg and foot. I would have thought about smoothing them out a bit.

Do you have Topaz Adjust plug-in? I use it with PhotoLine (it is Photoshop compatible). I would be tempted to try one of the glamor modes on the foot and shoe.

Just for fun you understand! 

Here's what I mean about the sandal pic (by the way, a very nice composition for the product). I desaturated the toenail a bit in PhotoLine (using the smart lasso to select it), then applied Topaz Adjust 5/Stylized/Portrait Smooth. No further adjustment. With Topaz Adjust (just in case you’re not familiar with it), you can tweak all the individual settings too from any starting filter choice. I should have changed the color of the nail to nature or to match the sandal color.

Like this, the out of focus second sandal looks fine! A second benefit!

By the way, I love your model. Clearly she knows how to pose and act and she has just the right look for these shoes and similar apparel -- or whatever. In your pic she looks very happy in her own skin, which is the primary factor in a good model, I think. And she looks happy and vital. Gawd, I can't stand sulky or bored looking models! I want life!

Cheers, geoff

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