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Do you know the difference in the regular and pro versions of VueScan?  I couldn't find much info re: that on their website.  I have scanned a few slides using a Promaster holder that clipped onto my old Pro 1 lens, (because it was the right size and focal length). They worked quite well, but it was a very tedious setup.  The scanned slides which were from tombs in Egypt where you can no longer photograph, and they snapped into correct color with only "auto-color" in PS.  I have no idea, of course, how the color will translate with the CanoScan, so am interested in the VueScan, but don't know if I really need the pro version or what.  Any input will be much appreciated !  


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Stated in The Vuescan Bible 2011 edition published by Rocky Nook :

"Standard vs. Professional Edition

Due to the flexibility of VueScan’s licensing regulations, there is only

one major decision that you have to make before purchasing: do you

want the Standard or Professional Edition? The Standard Edition costs

$39.95, and the Professional Edition costs $79.95—about twice as much.

The Professional Edition off ers some nice features that you will not find

in the Standard Edition. None of them is a must—you can do proper

scanning with the Standard version, too—but the extra features can be

quite useful.

The first of these Professional Edition exclusive features is the ability

to create raw scan fi les, which can be extremely helpful during batch

scanning. When you use this feature, you can concentrate on the scan

itself and do all your confi gurations later when processing the raw file.

With the Standard Edition of VueScan, you have to decide before scanning

whether you want to use Infrared Clean or not. If you change your

mind and decide you want to fi ne tune an image further, you would

have to rescan it. But if you have a raw scan fi le, all you have to do is simply

change the settings—there’s no need to do a time-consuming rescan.

Th e second feature exclusive to the Professional Edition is the embedding

of ICC profi les. With IT8 color calibration, the third Professional

feature, you can even create your own profi les. These features

are quite convenient, as they help you produce true colors throughout

the workfl ow. Whether you really need them or not depends on what

you are scanning—e.g., for slides, IT8 color calibration is useful, while

for negatives it is not. In addition, the ability to embed color profi les and

do color calibration will help improve picture quality only if you have a

good scanner; if you have a cheap scanner, these options are more or less

a waste of time. A poor quality scanner will produce mismatched colors

whether you calibrate it or not.

The fourth and potentially most important feature of the Professional

Edition is an unlimited upgrade period. Ed Hamrick actively improves

VueScan. Every two weeks or so, a new version is available for download.

Most modifications are improved hardware support and bug fixes, but

from time to time new features and GUI improvements are available.

Thus, it makes sense to update your VueScan installation from time to

time. With VueScan Professional, you can upgrade as many times as

you like. With the Standard Edition, you can upgrade for only one year,

and then you have to buy a new license. Thus, it doesn’t take long for the

higher price of the Professional Edition to pay off ."

I recommend the you purchase a copy of "The Vuescan Bible".


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