WARNING!!! 5D MK III Firmware 1.2.1 Read before installing!

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Re: serves them right for being cheapscapes

XeroJay wrote:

I kind of agree. I've never understood why someone would buy a $3k+ camera, then take a chance on damaging it just to save $50. I had an assistant once fry his body with a cheapo non-canon battery, then wanted to put that same battery in my backup body. Uhh...no.
This goes double for 1series bodies; not worth the $7k risk.
If there's typos, you can be sure I used my iPhone.

Batteries can fail whether its a 3rd party or Canon. Look at Sony laptop batteries exploding while charging a few years ago and Lenovo recalled all their laptop batteries last year. Even the highly engineered Boeing 787 batteries failed.

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