Intervalometer BS from Canon- may switch to a value added brand!!!

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Re: Threats don't work

DotCom Editor wrote:

summitphotographer wrote:

If I don't see some firmware updates for the 5D and later bodies that include the intervalometer, I'm gone and gonna pawn my Canon S#!t for somthing [sic] more reasonably supported.

Yes, I'm sure Canon is now rushing to develop a solution. Good luck with whatever you buy. John James Audobon didn't even need a camera.

Odd that someone who would invest so much in a system camera would suddenly declare the whole thing s#!t over something so freaking piddly. Anyone who has spent any time with Canon DSLR's knows what Magic Lantern is, that it is free, that it won't void the warranty, and that it will solve this little problem much more easily, quickly and certainly than will throwing a hissy fit.

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