Why m4/3rds is declining in the US.

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Re: can you point us to a Canon DSLR with better DR?

Jorginho wrote:

AndyMulhearn wrote:

Jorginho wrote:

Which Canon APS-c does better in DR than the 7D? I am quite sure and hope that the new 7DII makes a huge jump in DR. I don't use a Canon anymore, but hope they get the best there is for them.

I suspect none of the APS-C Canons will be better than the 7D a) because it's their top APS-C camera and b) because it shares sensor with everything from the 550D upwards. Personally, I'd be astonished if they launch a 7D mk II without a new sensor as Nikon have a lot of higher pixel count sensors out and we all know it's the megapixel count that counts...

Having said that, I'm reaching the point where I need better AF than the 600D provides so I'll be getting a 7D mk I if there's no mk II or if the mk II has the same sensor just an upgraded body. Otherwise the mk II.

Why should I care about the fact than that Canon does not deliver sensors that are better than the best m43 sensors? What is your point? Also note that the OMD and its sensor are not new either. The OMD was introduced on 8 february 2012. 1 september 2009.  So the difference is 2,5 years. Not 4.

You asked a question, I answered it. If you don't like the answer, that's not my problem.

Moreover: the older m43 sensors like the Gh2 (2010) and GH1 (2009) already scored on par with the Canon sensors.

Other than that it is actually funny to watch how a few people over here think that anything they write about the imminent demise of DSLRs, mirrorless or m43s has any validity.

Tomorrow it is yet another thread about the system that they do NOT have bot seem to be quite obsessed about...

Careful, I'm starting to think your some kind of obsessive who feels the need to project his own issues onto others.

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