NEX for Aerial photography

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Re: NEX for Aerial photography

I had a well-heeled friend (a lawyer shooting a Phase One digital back) ask the very same question in reference to a hexcopter.  He was intrigued by the size of my 5N, which I showed could be used with a small, stabilized lens (SEL35F18) without my EVF.

(A fast lens with optical stabilization are probably given pluses.)

I am uncertain if PDAF would be any advantage in this application... but if so, the NEX5R might be worth considering.

The ultimate size/weight combo would be the SEL20F28/SEL16F28 (the latter will have soft corners that might not be relevant for video, but it needs to be noted that the wingsuit guys who flew through the building in Rio used the SEL16F28 w/NEX-5 on a helmet mount) as they are the lightest lenses for E-mount, with an aluminum mount (everything else is brass)... plus a tiny body such as either the 3N or the old C3.  But you give up ISO100 and other features.

The 7 is of course the most massive E-mount body, but that's not to say it's a huge difference.  But if you want wide-angle, the corner color-shifting might be harder to process out for video.  (Somebody else will have to chime in about that.)

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