Are m4/3 cameras too expensive when you…

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Re: Are m4/3 cameras too expensive when you…

I’ve decided to look at getting an E-PL5, the Panasonic 14-45mm and Panasonic 45-150mm lenses. After reading many reviews on the Internet and this forum, I think this system would be a perfect start. I also appreciate some excellent advice and suggestions that made a LOT of sense to me by Guy Parsons. Thanks Guy, you really seem to know what you are talking about.

“The reason for the Panasonic 14-45mm lens is that it is the best of the kit lenses, doesn't have a collapsing barrel design so is more robust and is always ready. Plus it has switched OIS so that can be used for the occasional video and other stabilization, easier to move the lens switch than fiddle with menus.”


“The non-switched OIS on the 45-150mm is handled by the Lens IS Priority feature by the use of MySets assigned to the Mode dial where you can twist the dial to turn on stabilization instead of menu diving.”

Unless anyone sees anything wrong with that starter system, I will start looking for the best deals and buy them when I feel the time and price is right. I will also pick up a nice wide prime, but for now I think the system above should meet and exceed all of my present needs, which are pretty simple ones. I’m also sure this system will give me much better IQ than my trusty old Canon G12 has over the past 4 years. I just want to take my photography skills to the next step and I think the system above will help me accomplish that mission. Thanks for all your help and suggestions!

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