Anyone know how much cost to have new LCD screen cover put on 5N?

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Re: Anyone know how much cost to have new LCD screen cover put on 5N?

DeloreanLights wrote:

Those glass protectors can be quite good, although they can feel significantly bulky thanks to the thick plastic shroud.

Let us know how you get on with it!

Well Bleep!!  Amazingly the company that shipped it got it to me today already, as I just ordered it yesterday.  Props for that!!  GoShot Camera via Amazon.

This protector ROCKS.  Especially with the add on EVF for my 5N.  What a kick in the butt to shoot with now that I have bought another Sony SEL 18-200mm lens after making a huge mistake and selling my first one toward money for a needed GH3 rig with great glass.

This was before I had seriously looked at the still photos I had taken on a 3 hour beautiful but cold as hell shoot on a fast boat on Lake Mead 2 Novermbers ago, the purpose of the 3 hours was 1080 60P video footage.  I finally did in PS CS6 3 weeks ago.  Great Lens!  Bought it a second time last week.

Back to the protector, thanks for turning me on to it.  What's great about it?  Clear as a bell and you can use your T-shirt to wipe it off clean as a whistle.  No freaking smudging!!!!!!!!   No gaps for dust to get under either, and far as I can tell, no "touch" capability lost.  At first I thought there was in spite of everyone's reviews saying it still worked.  But then realized it (the NEX 5N) wasn't going to "spin its wheels" with me seriously since there was no "card" in the camera.  Hey they don't have "intelligent" in the menu instruction options for no reason.

I had read one review where the person said they lost the right side margin touch but still had the physical scroll wheel and manual buttons.  But my view of everything on the LCD is perfect and I still have the right side edge touch and swipe working.  Love the lens, new EVF and this great LCD protector!  What a fun rig with high performance and great low light capability now, with the original 16MP APS C chip!!!  DMF focus mode also ROCKS.

Just in case you want to get one, follow the instructions very carefully when lining it up before sticking it on.

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