Fuji X20 review posted

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Re: Fuji X20 review posted and it out-resolves everything

Trevor G wrote:

AdamT wrote:

I`ll leave you to your deliberately biased results Trevor - you`re famous for it , you even skew Fuji vs Fuji tests

That's worth a yawn, Adam T.

Funny how you cannot actually show bias, because all images have been processed at default settings in the same tool.

That eliminates bias and error.

It most likely does exactly the opposite, there are posts in this thread that show you are incorrect. You are using default settings which is lazy and defeats the purpose of processing RAW files. You are better off just comparing JPG files because you make no attempt to get the best out of the file, i.e. what someone attempts to do when they work in RAW.

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Apologies if my lack of photographic knowledge is catching.

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