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Guy Parsons
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Buying a camera

Out of curiosity I looked at B&H prices for what I would buy today if I didn't already have this and more, it's all I really use/need for everyday photography.......

Olympus E-PL5 body $549

Panasonic 14-45mm lens $319

Panasonic 45-150mm lens $299

Total $1167 Plus taxes plus delivery. And surely there's better deals than that around.

In Oz where I am the same is currently $588 + $363 + $282 Total $1233 free delivery, taxes included (or $1121 if getting the tax refunded if taking a flight out of the country within 30 days of purchase). The Oz$ is currently varying about 2% to 5% more valuable than the US$ so we only pay maybe 20% more but much the same if we get the tax back. Some other Olympus prices are as cheap or cheaper than USA, curious.

And while I'm time wasting, the Japan prices at Yodobashi are ¥52,800 + ¥24,700 + ¥24,700 = Total ¥102,200 tax included which right now is US$1049 and Oz$1011, again the 5% tax (to be increased to 8% in April 2014 and to 10% in October 2015) can be refunded at purchase for travellers if order large like this.

Regards.... Guy

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