Why m4/3rds is declining in the US.

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Re: Why m4/3rds is declining in the US.

Richard wrote:

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Richard wrote:

While it may be a tad off the wall there is a certain panache to the big pro looking dslr, plus it is for many a new commer comming from his old film days a more familiar platforme.

I would say older people who had a film SLR would certainly use this rational, it is something familiar.

I am lucky in that I use a double frame camera and a  micro 4/3 camera. I find my full frame does deliver more dr and more detail but for almost all my photographic situations this is not an issue. what is more the issue is my ff and the 21mm lens is gloriously wide with almost zero distortion and very sharp. My 4/3 camera prime lens is also a stellar performer. I like both but then I am a photo fluzzy.

I think you may be a minority although I have seen a number of photographers have both DSLR and m43.

as to why micro 4/3 is in decline in sales here in the usa on would also need to know what kinds of margin the importers and manufacturers are giving them. My guess is that for Canon and Nikon the margin is very good for the retailer as canon can sell very close to cost and make money and hopfully hook a new customer into thier lens system.

I don't know the statistics but I think the masses are going to have 1 lens maybe 2. I think many get along with just the kit lens. Then they might buy a 18-100 to cover everything and then put the kit lens in the closet. I have no statistics but when I have gone group shooting, I see a lot of people in this position.

in addition to the ecconomics above I suspect the real culprit here is the big mobile phones are now replacing the need for a second camera for dslr guys looking for  a second smaller camera
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I know this is my position, the camera phone does take all my snapshots but I would like a better P&S after reading the DPR Roundup: Enthusiast Zoom Compact Cameras  I would like a Sony RX100 but for $600. Several of the other cameras are good to but I have read the LX7 drops to $300 so I might swing that at Christmas, a little shallower DOF and ISO 1600 in a pinch is all I want.

I think point and shoots will shrivvle even more because of the cell phone cams especially now that zooms and bigger sensors are finding their way into the phones. Now is some genius figures out how to do an eye level electronic finder in the phone its game over for point and shoot and quite possibly micro four thirds.

In addetion to all the other reasons floated there is the view finder.  All dslrs have an eyelevel finder. Most of the micro four third cameras and mirrorless apsc cameras are marketed without an eye level view finder which are offered as accessories. There are a few exceptions surely but the sonys. the panasonic gf series etc. are so supplied.  When at the store a new buyer who has done some research get a chance to look through the eye level finder of a dslr and comfortably hold the dslr at eye level will be wowed with the view. With the pricing point of entry leve dslrs being on par with four thirds or even less its a tough battle for a camera with seemingly fewer features to compete.

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