Why m4/3rds is declining in the US.

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Re: A slight disorder...

4. later discover mirrorless cameras in market like Olympus or Panasonic or Sony Nex as a lighter system after a year or two of using DSLR

5. finally read more into the hype and buy one

But these people usually are looking for better image quality, what I think is after they find out the APS-c and mirrorless are similar they may turn to FF especially if they are geek and have money.

6. many sell off DSLR (for those that just need it for personal use, vacation, hobby, travel photos)

These people are not the masses, they are possible niche people, they will either want the FF because of specs, or they will want the size and go m43

as mirrorless is good enough and close quality to DSLR (aps-c) now (in all but fast action capture) and can offer spectacular results with the right technique in capture and great lens combos.

Lots of people are selling off their DSLRs even bought in the last few years, once they discovered mirrorless and do not need both for their semi-pro enthusiast needs.

I don't think this is true in the US, thus the decline of m43 and increase in DSLR according to some of the statistics that have posted.

However the other percentage (how much is that anyway?) will keep both DSLR (for work or play Aps-C or FF) and also buy a mirrorless (mostly for play or travel, however there are lots of skilled photographers who can use mirrorless for very serious photo image results once they use the great lenses now offered. And Video works great with mirrorless such as GH series by some pros who use it. Many photographers who fit "pro category" as source of income will have both systems.

I think this is a minority of the population, but I think there is a lot of people on this site that have both.

I likely am not the average semi-pro or consumer and those visiting this site are not the masses either, but instead are the dedicated enthusiasts and professionals alike overall visiting dpreview. So likely many of us here have both systems I agree.

I just read a few posts here lately of D7000 users or Canon users leaving systems for lighter mirrorless as good enough systems. Then again, how many do this (sell their dslr) vs. just adding a m43 for light travel and keeping both? Average M43 with a kit lens costs about the same as one medium priced aps-c lens these days. Not really a big investment to start, until you decide to add more lenses.

I actually have: Panasonic LX5 (use a lot for social parties, spur of the moment use), Olympus EPL1 (for on vacation, around town personal photos, for lite weight and better image quality than LX5 in low light - eventually will buy EPL5, but still like the quality of EPL1 in good light) and for my wedding work I use FX Nikon D700 as main camera and D300s as backup. The D300s gets the least amount of use overall but I need as a backup just in case (I do use it occasionally). FF offers best quality in all lighting conditions for what I do, hands down and easiest post work.

So you are right, mirrorless and aps-c offer about the same image quality in sensor right now (the real difference is in the body features, AF speed, and what lenses you have purchased).

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