Would this be the new "Leica" portable?

Started Apr 24, 2013 | Discussions thread
lxstorm Regular Member • Posts: 162
There are no 35mm digicams that can compty with real Leica M

l_objectif wrote:


As the lens has the label "Leica" on it



Very good explanation what bokeh is about.

BTW Sony RX1 is terrific camera and I would consider it as closest competitor to Leica on the market currently. However Leica M lenses especially primes like Noctliux or APO Summicron being used wide open would blow any and every other lens for 35mm camera out of the water.

In case you do not care about real wide opened Leica IQ get yourself Samsung NX they are delivering very good budget optics (Samsung shares Schneider expertise in lenses department).

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