Are m4/3 cameras too expensive when you…

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Re: Are m4/3 cameras too expensive when you…

Here are two options:

GX1 - $239 (new 42nd St Photo) or G3 - $249 (new B&H)

Panasonic 14-42 - $94 (used

Panasonic 45-150 - $200 (new

Total - $533 or $543


GX1 - $239 (new 42nd St Photo) or G3 - $249 (new B&H)

Pansonic 14-140 - $429 (used

Total - $668 or $678

You don't NEED the current generation cameras. You can save significant money buying an older generation camera and/or buying used.  Wait for a deal on the Sigma 19mm and/or Sigma 30mm and you can add two quality primes to your kit for $200. Finally, the 14mm panasonic can be found on ebay pretty cheap.

For $1000 you could have two bodies, several lenses and a flash.

GX1 - $239

G3 - $249

14-42 - $94

45-150 - $200

Sigma 19mm & 30mm - $200 (may have to wait for this deal to come around again)

FL-36 flash (used - $109

Total - $1006

You can pick these up gradually and build a very versatile kit.

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