About OSS degrading image quality

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Re: About OSS degrading image quality

Tom2572 wrote:

Section10 wrote:

Tom2572 wrote:

OSS was not designed to enhance photo quality, it was designed to reduce the effects of hand shake when taking a photo.

One way of improving photo quality? Reducing the effects of hand shakes.....

Well, that would be like saying using a tripod improves photo quality. The problem with each statement is that neither are absolutes. For example, if you take a shot with a 24mm lens and the shutter speed is set to 1/4000, a tripod is not going to improve the photo quality versus hand held because the shutter speed is so fast that any slight movement would be undetected. Same goes with OSS. As long as you're over 1/fl OSS isn't doing a thing to improve anything.

So, I get what you mean, it's just the semantics of how you're putting it.

On the other hand, if you are taking a low light shot with the SEL35 and you want to keep the ISO to 800 which is pushing shutter speed down to 1/10, OSS will most likely improve the photo quality versus no OSS if you choose to keep that exposure and take the shot.

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