About OSS degrading image quality

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Re: About OSS degrading image quality

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Sony should just come with a disclaimer: OSS has been known to offend skilled photographers and force them to defend their shooting competence.

It would take the truly incompetent to be unaware that Sony is offering OSS on its NEX-series, whereas this thread isn't about Sony.

unaware? Why would Sony put a disclaimer up on a product they're not offering? 

Sony isn't offering OSS? It is Zeiss argument.

Sony has OSS, Zeiss does not. I don't think either one of us claimed the opposite, somehow this got lost. The original joke in purple text is about the claims some are making and defending, its not claiming Sony doesn't have OSS.

So the consensus for some people is that OSS, which Sony presumably spent thousands/millions of dollars on to design and ENHANCE photo quality............degrades quality.

OSS is a rescue, not a photo quality enhancement, tool. It is basically an alternative to tripod but if you had the option between using a tripod versus OSS, why would you pick the latter? Ideally, it is best unused.

You're telling me if you're walking, on a boat, can't keep a steady hand or in any other position of needing a slower shot that OSS will not improve the quality of the photo compared to a lens that does not have any stabilisation? It's non-sensical to compare it to a tripod...most photography doesn't occur on a tripod.

Stabilization is only an alternative to tripod, for those occasions when you can't pick the better option of the two: Tripod.

Yes, you can turn OSS off while on a tripod, but the photos you see are claimed to have been a blurred version while OSS on, we're saying this is a slim chance and not a necessity to turn off, I've yet to have a single shot blurred on a tripod with OSS on. Its possible yes, but incredibly exaggerated by people who bought $1500 lens w/o OSS.

I am not aware of any manufacturer that doesn't recommend turning stabilization off when using tripod (exceptions exist but they are specified, if the lens is designed accordingly). I would say that all of them don't choose to be silly with their recommendation.

There's a time and place for each feature on a camera, posting pictures of when NOT to use them does not aid your point, just makes you look silly.

The time and place for OSS, or any stabilization, is almost never the ideal occasion. The shutter speed being too slow, despite a relatively higher ISO.

People don't want to use a higher ISO, they want a lower one and if OSS can allow that then how is it 'degrading' quality while simultaneously improving it?

But, you're adding to my point: stabilization is useful under less than ideal conditions, where you're more interested in getting an image rather than the best image you can (for which, tripod would be a better solution).

To add to my point, practically 100% of my photography with NEX is without OSS.

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