Why m4/3rds is declining in the US.

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EinsteinsGhost wrote:

A major part of it is marketing. Awareness is a major road-block, especially when it comes to "tradition". Most people don't think "interchangeable lens cameras". The think "DSLR", and when they do that, they also think either Canon or Nikon. And that is where a hefty chunk of sales is. The masses are generally averse to change, and thrive on following the norm. They tend to not evaluate pros and cons, they buy what they find "comfort" in. Or as you put it...

Richard wrote:

For the average use the Canon is the better deal. Sure a niche market person may pay extra for the oly but not the masses. This is not to say the masses are the smartest consumers but I know the canon works well enough for the average user.

Everyone is on the DSLR bandwagon so no one looks any farther than that. That may be true.

But I remember, when I started looking for a new digital camera (30d and D100 days) I reviewed DP review and Steves Digicams and really studied what I wanted. I remember also considering I think it was an Oly that had a prism mirror instead of a DSLR mirror. So I may be a minority but I did research.

Perhaps you are right that the masses just buy what everybody else has and what they see is Nikon and Canon.

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