Why m4/3rds is declining in the US.

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I have been thinking it over. After seeing rattymouse post some figures how m4/3rds was declining in the US and how DSLRs crushed m4/3rds, I contemplated why. I came up with a good answer.

For a Canon t4i body price on B&H is $650
For the Oly OMD it is $950

Weight Canon 1.2 lbs
Oly just under 1lbs (15oz)

Standard lens Canon 50 1.4   $400 on sale right now $310  10 OZ

Zuiko 45 1.8  $400 on sale right now $350   4 OZ

A savings of $340 and 9 OZ more weight, neither fit in your pocket.

For the average use the Canon is the better deal. Sure a niche market person may pay extra for the oly but not the masses. This is not to say the masses are the smartest consumers but I know the canon works well enough for the average user.

I am thinking this is a good reason for the decline.

How many people buy a 70-200 2.8? Many only purchase the kit lens. Both can take great photographs on vacation, of the kids just about anything accept pro level stuff.

An OMD is a higher class of camera than the rebel. So those numbers don't really work out.

I think the real reason is because Olympus and Panasonic don't have any retail presence in the US. If you wanted to get your hands on an OMD and try it out, how can you do that? They are nearly impossible to find and most average consumers don't even know the cameras exist.

I live in a medium-large city of over 1,000,000 people when the burbs are factored in. We have two small camera stores and 5-6 Best Buy's, mother loads of Target stores, Wal-Marts, Sams Club, etc.. You cannot find an m4/3 here, period. Target carried a GF3 and Sams had an super cheap Oly m4/3 EPL kit for a brief time. All of these stores have rebels, D3200s, NEX cameras etc...

Although I am all about my OVF, I have a hard time lugging around my FF gear for anything that isn't work since I have fibromyalgia. So I carry around an x10 for general stuff. I want to replace it with an OMD when I can. I wouldn't do it without being able to get my hands on one first. Luckily I managed to touch one owned by another shooter, and can say it's a great little camera.

Point being, hardly anyone here even knows m4/3 exists, and many of the ones that do know about them, want to try one first instead of blindly ordering something online. Until Olympus and Panasonic can get penetration into physical retail stores, they will continue to have weak sales here. The same can be said about Pentax who also makes great gear.... But be damned it you can find one local!

This is a possibility, availability. I will look around at the 2 camera shops we have here in town and see if either sell them. If not then I would have to agree, lack of exposer and availability locally could be a reason. But then I would ask are they readily avail in other markets like Europe in stores on shelves.

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