My 7-14 takes filters ... at the rear end

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Re: My 7-14 takes filters ... at the rear end

Najinsky wrote:

jeffharris wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Here it is with its original Panasonic rear gel filter holder ... from the 8 mm fisheye.

With many thanks to Optical1 and Mjankor for helpful assistance along the way! This is forum cooperation at its best!

Wow. This looks like a nice, clean solution vs. some sort of front end filter which might compromise image quality due to curvature of the front lens element.

I had planned to epoxy a step-up ring the the front of an original 7-14mm lens cap, after cutting out the center face plate with a Dremel tool. Haven't gotten around to doing it yet, though.

How easy is it to remove or change rear filters? What sort of filters can you use with it? Does it affect how the lens mounts to the camera?

Do you have links to the Optical1 web suite?

I was contemplating a spare lens cap option too, but figured I couldn't just cut out the face, as presumably the gaps that give the hood it's petal shape are there to let in corner light (probably at 7-8mm).

So I was contemplating turning the cap into a claw shape, but hadn't got around to thinking what the claw would then hold.

But Anders solution looks so neat (I had my doubts!) that I think I may go for that option.

As it happens, I took about a 100 shots with the 7-14 a couple of weeks back and only 1 had flare and even then it was quite mild and not on a keeper. But I'll probably only have to browse through my flare infested Cambodian shoot to get motivation back for adding the filter!

I think the petal shape is to cut down on weight. Or maybe it's just a fashionable thing.

The lens cap that came with my 100-300mm is a cone shape with no side notches.

I shoot with my 7-14mm pretty often and have rarely seen flare. If I shoot directly into lights or the sun I deserve it. After all, it's a feature, right? 

I think it's an issue for those who imagine than photo gear should be perfect, general complainers, or those who won't spend a grand on an ultra-wide lens.

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