Just published: Our in-depth Nikon D7100 review

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Re: Very good review; thanks and a comment on DR

rhlpetrus wrote:

It confirms my impression that the D7100 is the top APS-C camera on the market at the moment. If only Nikon would make that buffer deeper, then it would be the almost perfect APS-C dslr.

DR is an outsting feature of the D7100 and Nikon ssem to have finally nailed a good balance between midtone contrast and DR tone curves, especially Portrait with ADL off (ADL, even low, looks a bit agressive for my taste, in particular the way it will likely flatten midtone contrast). Neutral shows a bit more DR but at midtone contrast cost, just like with the D7000.

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Good shooting and good luck
(after Ed Murrow)

Look at another thread. 15 pictures with 7 fps with compressed 12 bit 1.3 crop before speed is reduced.

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