My next lens the DA 43 ltd ?

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Re: OK, I'll confess there is an important weakness in the 43ltd...

weird because my cap is a enough on the loose side that I just decided right off the bat to not use it.  A friend's is the same way.  Maybe it's the fabric liner shrinking some?  Dunno...It is a cool looking hood no doubt, is sort of stylish.  I just did not want to damage the hood or cap carrying it around and in the bag.

Like I wrote I already killed one hood and it dropped out of my bag when I forgot to put it away after using the lens and I didn't notice.  But I literially stop my pickup with the thing right under a tire which scuffed it up and wrecked the threads. In place of the original  cap as I wrote I bought a bunch of those inexpensive brand-x el cheapo caps that say Pentax on the front.  I keep extras in all my bags in case one breaks or lost.

The cap on my 77ltd is on the loose side as well.

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