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Whether SLTs or traditional mirrors like Nikon, Canon & Pentax, these are carry overs from film SLR cameras that really don't fit in the digital world.  Sony has gone with the EVF, while the others continue to hold on to optical viewfinders from the film days.  Another example is the labeling of "drive modes", on DSLRs, a carryover from mechanical film SLRs that doesn't fit in the digital era.

Micro four-thirds have some shortcomings in sensor size and noise above ISO 800.  Two new cameras, the Panasonic GH3 and G6, are feature and function rich, yet hit that ISO noise limit.

The challenge is for Sony to develop a mirrorless camera with a large sensor and of course EVF that can at least equal the ISO performance of the recent SLTs.  That would be as innovative as the SLT design.

They already have done that with the Nex system.

I'm just hoping they create something with a bit more dSLR functionality, ibis, and the A-mount.


I haven't seen any FF NEX yet. IMHO FF should be kept for A-mount, but that's me ...! -P

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They went full frame with a "compact" with the RX1.  Rumor suggest that fullframe NEX is coming.

Professional photographers and advanced hobbyist will still want a more dSLR-like body of course.  But most of those types of photographers aren't Sony shooters.  I wouldn't be shocked to just see Sony abandon that market.  I hope not.  Sony obviously is taking photography seriously with the NEX, RX and other compact systems.  Hopefully, they feel they need to have a "dSLR" model, just to keep people within the brand.

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