Grim future for the camera makers?

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Re: Grim future for the camera makers?

Only grim if they don't do a slash and burn job on their compact camera lines. They just cannot compete with Smartphones, and are just lossmaking. The reason none of them have is they are scared about having to report a massive loss of marketshare to shareholders (even if that lost share was losing the company money). Business Intelligence is an Oxymoron....

Larger sensor cameras are another matter. Even m43 has 18 times the sensor area of a typical smartphone. Yes, better IQ, over time, works its way down to smaller sensors, but look at it this way. The very best m43 sensor, in the E-M5, has nearly but not quite caught up with the sensor in the Nikon D3, a sensor with 4 times the area of m43 that is now 6 year old technology. By that reckoning, a smartphone will have the IQ of an E-M5 in about 15 years time. A lot can happen in 15 years...

Yes, most people shooting smartphones now couldn't give a rats ass about IQ as long as they can post "Look where I is, its totes amazeballs" on InstaTwitFaceGramTerBook. Only even shown on their 720p phone screen, pixel binned to death so you can't see it appears to be snowing indoors. There will always be people that want to take photos not snaps, and those smartphone snaps will look like the P.O.S they are on a 4K TV...

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